The Cleveland Public School board has again approved a bond referendum, asking taxpayers to agree to tax dollars to increase learning space in the crowded building and make other improvements.

That’s after a recent survey showed that the majority of taxpayers asked in a survey approved giving the referendum a third try and, “Four out of five people cited that the educational spaces were critical to preparing our students, and more than two-thirds of them supported the additional tax dollars to upgrade our school.

District officials are dividing the request into two questions. The first asks for $14.4 million for the construction of classrooms, a cafeteria, a STEM and Ag lab, a new roof and security and code improvements.

If that passes, the second asks for $5 million to build a gym, locker rooms, mechanical room and weight room. “Question one, $21 a month on a house valued at $150,000 and question two is $8 a month,” said district officials at this week’s school board meeting.

That’s a little higher than last year’s referendum because officials say construction costs have increased.

The vote will be held August 14th.