This study seems sexist in multiple ways but we're just here to report the scientific findings, people. A new study out of the University of South Carolina says women have gotten CHUBBIER and the reason is that they don't do enough housework... Wow.


For what it's worth, the team behind the study is mostly male, and the head researcher is a guy, but the team DOES have a few women on it. In 1965, the average woman did 25.7 hours of cooking and cleaning a week.  And that meant they were up and active and burning calories.  Today, women do about HALF that, 13.3 hours.


And what are women doing with their spare 12 hours a week?  The study says they're sitting on the couch, watching TV, which doesn't burn calories.  The average woman burns between 132 and 360 fewer calories per day now than in 1965.




The study seems to forget that more woman work 40-plus hour weeks and hold down management positions in ways woman never did/could in the mid 60's...


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