I LOVE Dr. Oz so, I tend to believe EVERYTHING he says... Here are five weird things he says can make you sick at a restaurant.


#1.)  Ordering a Steak Well Done.  There's also a chance of getting sick if you order it RARE.  But the more they cook the meat, the more it hides the natural flavor.


And if you order a steak well done, some chefs use an older cut of meat, because they need to get rid of it and know you probably won't notice.



#2.)  Ordering the Buffet.  Despite the 'sneeze guards' they usually have, they're a breeding ground for bacteria, partly because the food doesn't always stay hot enough.


So if you're going to a buffet, you should try to get there right after the new food goes out.  For lunch, that usually means noon.  And for dinner, 5 p.m. or earlier.


#3.)  Using a Tray at a Fast Food Restaurant.  Apparently they're FILTHY, because they don't get washed enough.  And when they ARE washed, it's usually with a dirty rag.  So if you want to be safe, always get your food to-go.


#4.)  Getting a Refill of Water.  At a lot of restaurants, they only wash the pitchers once a day, and it's usually at the end of the night.  So throughout the day, they can accumulate a lot of germs.


That doesn't mean you should have a PANIC ATTACK every time a waiter refills your water.  But watch to see if the pitcher touches the edge of your glass.


#5.)  Asking the Waiter to Pack Your Leftovers.  They don't always wash their hands before they do it.  And since they're handling money and dirty dishes all day, it's safer to just ask for a box and do it yourself.


Sooo, eat EVERYTHING you're served. Easy enough! wink


Be cool,


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