Cari's Predicitons:


·     If she continues down the same path, Lindsey Lohan will not see 2014...and make my celebrity draft go thru the roof.

·     Kourney & Scott Disik will finally break up. He'll cheat on her at least 7 more times before she kicks him to the curb.

·     JT and JB are going to become parents.

·     Same with JA and JT.

·     Hugh Hefner will be left at the alter...again.

·     Kristen Stewart will get caught cheating in her acting classes.

·     The Biebs and Selena will become engaged but not without breaking up and making up a few more times.

·     Amanda Bynes will pull a Winona and get caught shoplifting. What else is she doing in those dressing rooms for so long?

·     Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher become engaged


Johnny's Predicitons:


ENGAGEMENTS: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (not sure about to who yet), R-Patz and K-Stew

BIRTHS: Kim and Kate will have girls. Jenn Aniston will announce a pregnancy, Victoria and David Beckham will announce baby #5

MARRIGES: Brad and Angelina, Rihanna and Chris Brown tie the knot in Vegas

MOVIES: 50 Shades will be turned into a picture – actors will be announced

BREAK-UPS: Kriss and Bruce Jenner, Mila and Ashton, Harry Styles will go solo

COME BACKS: The Pussycat Dolls reform, Lindsay Lohan will make a comeback after rehab

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