America, we enjoyed a few days of KARDASHIAN-free bliss . . . pre-2007-style!  But it all came CRASHING down late last night, when Kim and KANYE WEST'S daughter's name was revealed. It's . . . wait for it . . . NORTH WEST.  No, I promise, I'm NOT lying. There'd been a rumor that they might call the baby "North West" a few months ago.  At the time, we heard Kanye came up with it and, quote, "likes the way it sounds."  (Yeah.  Because it's a DIRECTION . . . that already exists . . . perhaps he's heard it before?  The way they say it on the Weather Channel, it just ROLLS off the tongue.) 
By the way, it's unclear if they made the middle name DONDA . . . after Kanye's mother, who died in 2007.  If it IS North Donda West, it would prove two things:  That the name is even stupider than originally thought . . . and secondly, Kanye has this woman wrapped around his finger. But an anonymous "source" tells E! News that there is NO middle name, and that Kim and Kanye are planning on calling her NORI for short. 
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