When you're rich like JUSTIN BIEBER, you get to stay in posh hotels that apparently offer "intimacy kits" in the rooms, for an additional charge.  Those kits include condoms and stuff like that.  An "insider" at some hotel that Justin regularly hits up in New York City said he always requests condoms and  jelly beans!" (I find it a little hard to believe Justin would ask the hotel staff for CONDOMS.  Especially when he probably has an entourage of a dozen guys who could pick those up for him more discreetly . . . but what do I know?) 
MILEY CYRUS was spotted leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills late Wednesday . . . and apparently the paparazzi jump to the conclusion that ANY doctor's visit means she's WITH CHILD... which they asked her about...Miley also held up a medical document that showed she has laryngitis.
Some TAYLOR SWIFT fans launched an online petition and a phone campaign that convinced Abercrombie & Fitch to stop selling a T-shirt that read, quote, "More boyfriends than T.S."  The company even kissed-up to Taylor's fans and sent a Tweet saying they no longer sell the T-shirt, they love Taylor's music, and they think she's "awesome."
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