A Mankato Democrat is pretty confident that Governor Mark Dayton will sign the bonding bill for public works projects statewide.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

“He had indicated in a caucus that we had that he would sign a reasonable bonding bill, and I think that this is a reasonable bonding bill,” said Representative Jack Considine.

He added that District 19 fared well in this year’s public works funding proposal because, “We’ve got MSU, both the Clinical Sciences (building) and the library. At the end, the Republican chair asked us to give our top priorities if we could still get some stuff in; I pushed real hard for the dietary building at the St. Peter complex.”

The bill includes $6.5 million for those renovations at Minnesota State University, and $2.2 million to upgrade the dietary building at the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center.

Considine said they also managed to convince GOP leaders to put aside more money for asset preservation for state facilities, “Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite to the threshold that it included SCC – I was disappointed in that.”

South Central College had requested funding for roof repairs at both its North Mankato and Faribault campuses.

More than $400 million will go toward the Corridors of Commerce program, and a portion of that money will go toward expanding one of the two remaining sections of Highway 14 between New Ulm and Rochester to four lanes.

The bill also contains $830,000 to raise Highway 169 near Highway 14 to create a permanent levee for the Minnesota River.