With the 2018 Minnesota Legislature now in session, and bonding a top priority, a local lawmaker is hopeful that the area projects in the proposal will be funded.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

Mankato DFL Representative Jack Considine said that includes the continued work on the Clinical Sciences Building project at Minnesota State University Mankato. He added, “I have been assured by both the committee administrator and by the bonding chair that it is number four on the list, which is a relatively safe position to be in.

Considine also said, “I would like to see some money go to the pavilion in St. Peter.” The pavilion is in Minnesota Square Park, which established four years before Minnesota became a state, and was originally built in the 1930’s. It was last renovated in 1990, but has had ongoing problems with the foundation and other concerns.

The roof at the library at MSU is also in what Considine said is desperate need of repair. “During a rain storm, if you walk around there you will see a number of buckets on the floor,” he explained, “And that’s just common sense; you need to protect not only the building but your library.”

Considine added that South Central College has also requested funding for roof repairs, one at the North Mankato campus and the other in Faribault, and he’s confident that the requests will be granted.

The City of Mankato last fall asked the state to help fund a $14 million water quality initiative in this round of bonding and Considine said, “It’s a fairly new request and normally you end up spending a little time in the queue, but they did a really nice job preparing and getting their ducks in a row before they submitted it so I’m hoping that they can take advantage of some of the larger grant monies that are in the clean water projects to get some on the money for that.”

Mankato officials are asking for $10 million in state bond funds and the remainder of the project cost would be paid through a local sales tax match.