A Mankato lawmaker said the Republican majority in the state legislature this session has begun taking over rulemaking for several state agencies – leading him to question how that will pan out in a state with a part-time legislature.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

DFL Representative Jack Considine said, “They are going to now have the agriculture department do their rulemaking through the legislature, and the other day we heard they are going to take over the rulemaking for the child care and there has been two or three other things that they are going to take over the rulemaking.”

Because the legislature is only in session a few months each year, Considine said he doubts the plan will be successful, and added, “I am wondering when they are possibly going to be doing these things. Are they going to propose that we go to becoming a full-time legislature? I am not sure that the people of Minnesota want us to do that. But they keep adding more and more things that they are going to take over and personally supervise and I am not really seeing that as realistic.”

Considine also said that the GOP is also falling short on determine how they will fund such things.