Governor Mark Dayton vetoed a bill that would bring the state’s tax laws in line with recent federal changes because it didn’t include emergency funding for schools, and the Speaker of the Minnesota House has made the claim that the request came too late in the session.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

Mankato DFL Representative Jack Considine is one of many crying foul. He said, “The governor proposed this May 1st, 21 days before the end of the session. That was before the Republican’s tax bill. It was before the Senate’s bonding bill.”

Considine added that many rural districts – nearly 60 of them, some locally – are facing huge budget shortfalls, including, “St. James, Blue Earth. These schools are hurting and they need this money.”

And Considine accuses GOP leadership of lying about the reason it hasn’t been addressed. “To say that it came in too late when they have brought in a number of proposals they want to work on afterword just isn’t true,” he said.

Earlier this year the St. James district cut its budget for next school year by over $200,000. The governor’s proposal would provide the district with just over $176,000 in one-time emergency aid, and Blue Earth Area Schools with nearly $180,000.