Warmer temperatures have allowed farmers to get in the field over the last week, but there remains a lot of spring planting to be done.

Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says planting progress varies across the listening area.

“The southern two tiers of counties in Minnesota, northern two tiers of counties in Iowa are were the planting progress has been the slowest,” says Thiesse. “I had an opportunity to travel down to Fairmont, the further you got south the planting progress was a lot less. Probably 10 to maybe 15, 20-percent of the corn planted down that direction. You get up a little further north to northern Blue Earth County, up into Nicollet County, probably 50 to 75-percent of the corn in the ground.” 

According to the latest Minnesota USDA Crop Report, 9-percent of the corn crop has been planted, which is 16 days behind average.

“If you were gonna say the ideal window to plant corn is probably from about the 20th of April until the 10th of May, so we’re right on the end of that ideal window. But just because you aren’t planting in the ideal window doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you’ve lost all potential. I mean, we saw even last year some corn planted out around the 15th of May, still, you got better than 200 bushels an acre.”

Just 1-percent of the soybean crop has been planted, 10 days behind the state average.

Topsoil moisture is 71-percent adequate and 22-percent surplus.