The latest stats show that Felony crime is down in Blue Earth County so far in 2018, with a total of 160 case filings.

County Attorney Pat McDermott says projections for criminal fillings are in-line or a little bit below previous years.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott

“It’s been a long, long winter and we’ve had a lot of snow and a lot of snow. That kind of cuts down on the outside activities. It’s typically when spring gets here our numbers will go up. Our numbers go up in the summer time. We have our ebbs and flows. We continue to see the types of issues, again, the vast majority of what we deal with in the criminal justice system is fueled by drugs, alcohol and mental illness.”

Last year Blue Earth County had a total of 770 Adult Felony criminal filings, that number this year is expected to come in below that at 712.

Despite the growth in Mankato, McDermott adds that it’s a safe community.

“Two-hundred and fifty thousand people come in and out of this community on a daily basis. We are a regional draw, in respect that during the holiday season, one out of five vehicles that’s coming to town to shop is from out of state. Many, many activities going on in this area and we are the youngest county in the state. So, there’s many things that kind of drive what ultimately effects our case load and those are two of the big ones.”

Felony Drug flings lead the way so far this year with 54 cases, followed by person filings at 51.

Juvenile Felony cases are down this year with a total of seven filings. There were a total of 61 filings in 2017.