A couple has been charged with possession of meth and with keeping it in the presence of a child, after a Department of Corrections employee contacted Mankato Police following a call from a client that said his girlfriend was behaving oddly.


Mankato police spoke to Cory Warnke, who told them that he argued with 25-year-old Kayla Geisler of Kasota over his use of her cell phone and she began hitting her head and wrists against the wall. The criminal complaint shows Warnke was concerned because Geisler had tried to harm herself in the past and he feared she would claim any bruising was caused by him and he would be sent back to prison.

The couple has a child together and, while they do not live in the same home, Warnke says Geisler visits nearly every day.

The officer determined that the best course of action would be for Geisler to leave Warnke’s house, but while trying to help find her keys police found a meth pipe and other related material in a cabinet within a child’s reach. Both Warnke and Geisler denied it belonged to them. Warnke was placed in a squad car for possession of a meth pipe and immediately after that Geisler began crying and said the pipe was hers.

Police add that during the incident an officer twice had to take cigarettes out of the 14-month-old child’s hands. The report also shows that a large pile of old food was uncovered under a piece of furniture during the search for the keys and the child repeatedly attempted to eat that food off the floor.