Jeff Wittek, one of the VlogSquad members, has finally spoken out about his injury that occurred in June 2020. Wittek had not spoken out about the incident until recently his documentary “How I Broke My Face | Don’t Try This At Home”. Although the video is age restricted, it starts out by him explaining his life on Staten Island and how he in turn met Dobrik. The video soon explains the near fatal accident that occurred last year.

Dobrik and friends rented an excavator and took it out to a small lake to which ropes and such were attached so the participants could swing over the lake in what was supposed to be a funny video. Before the incident, VlogSquad member, Corrina Kopf, can be heard saying to Dobrik “you take things too far always”.

“I just jumped out of a plane 20 times, what’s the worst that could happen if I swing from a rope over a one-foot deep lake?” Wittek said in the narration. He then added “This was where I made a mistake. I forgot that the biggest idiot I know was driving it.” The accident was not shown in the film, which Wittek defends by telling fans that it was not only incredibly gruesome, but his mother is also dealing with a heart condition and he didn’t want her to see that.

Wittek doesn’t explain exactly what happened in the episode, but based on what we currently know,it appears he flew into part of the excavator at high speed, bashing his face, after Dobrik lost control of how fast he was swinging.

On top of these allegations against Dobrik, Nick Antonyan, otherwise known as Jonah, has spoken out about a stunt that was performed back in 2017. Jonah attempted to ride a moped into Dobrik’s pool, but hit the side which left him with an awful injury. Antonyan’s injury was also near-fatal, which has led to the conversation around Dobrik and where people need to start holding him accountable. He is known for doing some pretty crazy stunts, many of them being harmless where he just pranks and surprises people. Over the years, these have gotten much worse, which ultimately has ended with this story.

Wittek’s new videos should open up about the current nature of the VolgSquad amidst all of the current controversy.