Governor Dayton isn’t giving any clues about what he may talk about in Wednesday night’s State of the State address–which will be his last.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

When he was asked if he’ll “wax nostalgic” about his legacy, Dayton joked, “I’m waxing nostalgic about staying on my feet for the whole…yeah, I mean, a bit of that sure, but there’s too much going on right now to get nostalgic about something that’s going to happen 9.5 months from now.”

Dayton fainted during last year’s address, cutting it short.

Dayton fainted during his State of the State address in 2017.

He is not running for re-election.

Meanwhile, Hamline University analyst David Schultz predicted Dayton will lay out his accomplishments in seven-plus years in office, but also set themes for the fall elections. He he said, “It’s unlikely that his speech (is) gonna change many minds of many Republicans, if any.   Instead, I think it’s gonna be aimed probably more towards the public and towards perhaps, let’s say, Democrats and independents.”

Schultz also believes Dayton will bring up the gun debate and probably won’t change any minds, but might try to make it an issue in the 2018 elections, “That if you care about guns,…or gun control or school safety, you’ll vote for (a) Democrat.”

Dayton has been taking heat from Republicans on the state’s troubled vehicle registration system, and Schultz expects the governor will re-iterate in tonight’s speech that he’s committed to fixing MN-LARS, but resources are needed and, “Whether he gets to the point of labeling the Republicans as being obstructionists on this issue, I’m not sure — but I think he would like to be able to maneuver them into a position where he could do that.”