Governor Mark Dayton in his revised budget is proposing state income tax reductions for over two million Minnesotans, but has also set up another fight with Republicans.

Dayton argued that Minnesota businesses are getting huge tax cuts due to state and federal tax changes and, “By contrast, individual Minnesotans did not receive much if any benefit from the federal tax bill — low- and middle-income citizens — so this is a way of balancing it out.”

The proposed budget would cut state income taxes for over 2 million Minnesotans; over 1.9 million would see an average tax cut of $117, and 329,000 would see an average tax cut of $160. Dayton said that would improve family budgets without risking the stability of the state’s budget

The Governor’s plan would continue investments in Minnesota’s youngest learners, to protect pre-K funding for 59 school districts and charter schools, and 4,000 kids across Minnesota

The MinnesotaCare Buy-In proposal, he said, would help an estimated 100,000 more Minnesotans choose the better health care they need, at prices they can better afford

But Dayton also wants to roll back three tax changes that put him into court with Republicans last year after he vetoed the legislature’s operating budget: Dayton wants the tobacco tax freeze taken off, some business tax breaks rescinded, and some estate tax breaks repealed.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka called the governor’s plan “too complicated.” He said it increases taxes, doesn’t take responsibility for the failed vehicle registration system, and increases fees on nursing homes.

Daytoncalled it a fair and balanced budget for the people of Minnesota, which would leave $123 million on the bottom line this fiscal year