At least 21 threats have been made against Minnesota schools in the last three weeks, since the Florida school shooting, and now Governor Mark Dayton has proposed the state spend 16 million dollars to improve security in Minnesota schools, plus an additional 5 million for mental health services for students who need extra support.

Dayton said, “One failure is catastrophic…. We have a big task to try to identify people before they commit these terrible acts and give them the help they need.”

Among the provisions, the act would require schools to complete a threat assessment before a student is expelled and would provide schools with money to make improvements that would increase safety.

Separate from his school security plan, Dayton proposes criminal background checks for all firearms sales, prohibiting sale of assault weapons to anyone under age 21, and allowing judges to temporarily suspend access to firearms if a person is a threat to themselves or others. Dayton’s proposed gun restrictions will face tough opposition from Republicans at the legislature.

Nearly 900 people in Minnesota were shot to death between 2003 and 2016.