The Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party has sent a cease and desist order to a group of Republican State Representatives, who have formed a new caucus using a similar name and logo.

First term District 23B Representative Jeremy Munson and four colleagues have formed the Republican Farmer Labor Caucus, “Because it’s needed. We need to bring our message out to the farmers and the labor unions of Minnesota; the hard working Minnesotans who are looking for answers as to what’s going on at the capitol.”

Representative Jeff Backer is part of the caucus, which he said is intended to fight back against the DFL administration’s moves that hurt farmers and laborers – like classifying corn dust as pollution. “They classified corn dust, biodegradable corn dust, as a fugitive emission,” he explained, “This is the stuff that we fight for that the other side of the aisle agrees with.”

Munson added that the Democrat party doesn’t own the farmers and laborers as their name suggests, and said he doesn’t intend to back down in defending them simply because another organization has those words in their name.

Other members of the group are Representatives Deb Kiel, Tim Miller, and Jason Rarick.

The RFL Caucus has a Facebook page and the group says they will be exploring other avenues to communicate to the voters of Minnesota.