There is new information out that the man convicted of killing Dru Sjodin wanted to plead guilty to avoid being sentenced to death.

A document obtained by Fargo radio station KFGO and written by the attorney of Alfonso Rodriguez stated a plea would spare pain for both the Sjodin and Rodriguez families.

Jury member Rebecca Vettel said, “You know, in reading that letter – I read it this morning – that he said he doesn’t want his family to have a long trial and his family, and he wants to spare his mom and his family…if that’s truly the case, accept your fate for what you did. This is your consequence for what you did.”

Vettel, who recommended the death penalty for Rodriguez, added, “It took a lot of deliberation, it took a lot of soul searching and it was tough. There was a lot of crying. I know all of us cried. So it’s tough – it’s not something that you want to put anyone in.”

Prosecutors have not commented on the letter. Rodriguez remains in an Indiana prison while attorneys appeal his death sentence.