Law enforcement officials from several states will soon be in Texas to question the Blooming Prairie woman wanted in two murders.

56-year old Lois Ann Riess is suspect of murdering her spouse and stealing from his bank accounts, as well as killing a Florida woman.

Lois Reiss was arrested Thursday night at a South Padre Island restaurant after an employee tipped off officials. South Padre Police Chief Randy Smith said Reiss was approached by undercover officers and, “She didn’t resist. I think she kind of built up a resilience maybe where she thought to herself she might not get caught, so she seemed to have let her guard down a little bit, which the officers were able to take advantage of that.”

Smith added, “She did not have any weapons on her. We do have a car to process yet, its been secured and waiting for a forensic process, and there’s a lot of steps to that, so we’re not sure what all we’ll find.”

Officials from Minnesota and Florida will arrive tonight to begin questioning Reiss, and Smith explained that, “As the other counterparts from the two other states get here and we formulate the unified investigation plan, we will be ready to try and meet the needs of all the media based on some of their input also.

The 56-year old is suspected in her husband’s murder last month in Dodge County, and is also accused of killing a Florida woman and assuming her identity so she could avoid arrest. She was caught just 27 miles from the border with Mexico.