The handling of recent allegations of domestic abuse against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter is drawing scrutiny in Washington and beyond.

Liz Richards with the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women said it’s very damaging in domestic abuse cases when the veracity of victims’ stories is questioned and, “We know that there is an underreporting, that many victims of domestic violence are afraid that they won’t be believed and to have the confidence to come forward and reach out for help and assistance.”

Richards has called on people in positions of power–in the workplace and beyond–to be responsive and take victims’ claims of abuse seriously. She added that there’s much to be learned from the incident, and she said she, “Would certainly hope that others will be coming forward with messages saying, ‘No, we really want people to reach out, we take this serious, we want to be responsive.'”

Porter has denied allegations that he abused two of his ex-wives. And President Trump earlier this week wished Porter well and reiterated that Porter said he was innocent.