From roommates arrested while racing to drivers risking the lives of children, law enforcement is keeping Minnesota roads safer by taking impaired drivers off the road.  Officers, deputies, and troopers arrested 1,369 drivers for DWI during the summer campaign, one fewer than in 2017.

Among the arrests, a Mankato police officer stopped two vehicles racing each other at 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.  The drivers of both vehicles were roommates who were intoxicated and arrested for DWI. The Mankato Department of Public Safety arrested a total of 13 people for drunk driving, and the statistics show the highest blood-alcohol level recorded was 0.24.

The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office made eight drunk driving arrests, with the highest blood-alcohol level at 0.188.

The North Mankato Police Department arrested two people for drunk driving, with the highest BAC at 0.15. The Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office made two drunk driving arrests during the enforcement, while the Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office also made two arrests. They recorded the highest blood-alcohol level in the region at 0.257.

The Le Sueur Police Department also made two arrests, one driver with a BAC of 0.2

The Mankato District of the Minnesota State Patrol made 20 such arrests, with a BAC high of 0.19.