The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says state troopers have seized a large amount of marijuana in recent weeks.

Among the recent busts, two stops in Otter Tail County that led to the seizure of about 500 pounds of pot. On Friday, officials say a woman was pulled over for an obstructed license plate and not only were there bags of marijuana visible atop the center console, but a woman in the car was also sitting on bags of weed. DPS says 300 pounds of marijuana was seized.

Also in Otter Tail County, at the end of January, a trooper made a stop on Interstate 94 and determined there were possible signs of criminal activity so his K-9 partner sniffed about the car and discovered approximately 200 pounds of pot with what DPS says had an estimated street value of $600,000.

Also in late January, a trooper stopped a vehicle for speeding near Alexandria and noted some unusual behavior and items in a rental vehicle. Another K-9 performed a search and alerted on what troopers say turned out to be 24 pounds of marijuana and $8,200 in cash.

2017 State Patrol Drug Seizure Statistics

  • Marijuana — 2,642.2 pounds (2016 – 389.5 pounds)
  • Methamphetamine — 160.2 pounds (2016 – 65.7 pounds)
  • Cocaine — 17.7 pounds (2016 – 35.6 pounds)
  • Heroin — 14.1 pounds (2016 – .49 pounds)
  • Hashish – 9.9 pounds (2016 – 2 pounds)