A suburban Twin Cities man with a history of drunk driving convictions is accused of again driving under the influence with three small children in the car.

Lake Crystal Police say another driver called to report a car all over the road on Highway 60, and the responding officer caught up to the car and saw it drifting to the left before then crossing the fog line.

The criminal complaint shows that 30-year-old Wyden Abuya of Spring Park smelled strongly of alcohol, had a Minnesota ID but his driver’s license was revoked, failed field sobriety tests, and blew a point-1-9-5 on a portable breath test.

Court documents show he was convicted in Hennepin County of DWI in 2015, and his license was revoked in 2013 after he refused to take a breath test after a suspected drunk driving stop.

Officers say the children in the car were between the ages of four and eight.