A 19-year-old Lake Crystal man is facing charges after Mankato Police say he hit a longboarder with his car on May 31st, gave the victim little information, and left the scene before police arrived.

The victim told police he was riding along the sidewalk near Taco Bell when he was hit by a pickup, and the driver continued to turn onto Madison Avenue for several feet while the victim clung to the truck.

The driver got out of the vehicle and told the injured man his name was Caleb, that he didn’t have a phone, and gave him what turned out to be a bogus email address.

Investigators asked the manager of the Taco Bell for surveillance footage, and while it didn’t show the incident the restaurant manager told police that the description of the suspect matched a former employee, Caleb Richards.

The criminal complaint shows Richards first told police he wasn’t in Mankato on that day, then that he didn’t see the victim right in front of his vehicle because of the clothing he was wearing, and then that the longboarder hit his vehicle.

Richards is charged with failing to stop after a collision and driving an uninsured vehicle. The victim suffered a broken rib and other injuries.

Richards also has a separate reckless driving case pending in Blue Earth County.