After a sudden public office vacancy, the Eagle Lake City Council unanimously approved appointing Tim Auringer as mayor on Monday night.

Former Mayor Brianna Anderson submitted her resignation on February 5 after announcing that she was moving to Mapleton.

City Administrator Jennifer Bromeland said it was unfortunate.

Former Mayor Tim Auringer was sworn in on Monday night.

“Brianna, our former Mayor had a lot of great ideas to grow Eagle Lake. But with moving outside of city limits, it was a choice that she didn’t have a lot of say in. To be eligible to be a mayor or city councilor, you have to reside within city limits. So, we’re excited that we have some interest in other residents serving as mayor. We know that we will continue to move forward and continue to grow Eagle Lake.”

With less than a year remaining on the current term for Mayor, the Council said it used its authority to determine an appointment and do what was in the best interest for the city.

Auringer previously held the position for 12 years and served as council member for two years prior to that.

“That’s where I think continuity kind of plays in and so having someone with experience on the council is a good thing. I’ve been paying attention in my retirement, but yeah, it’s unfortunate when things change like this. But it’s also good for the community to have somebody that can step in and do the job.”

Eagle Lake residents will vote for a mayor in the next general election in November.