An Eagle Lake daycare provider is now facing criminal charges, after an investigation launched in September determined that 62-year-old Mary Huber physically and emotionally abused children in her care.

Among the allegations – an eight-year-old boy told investigators that Huber shoved him to the ground, tied his hands with rope, and drug him across the yard. The child also said the babysitter shoved a girl’s face under water in a pool and held her there for a very long time.

She is also accused of withholding food from a child, spanking children on their bare bottoms, pinching kids, leaving children in time out for an entire day, and forced to shower when they misbehaved.

Huber is facing six counts of malicious punishment of a child. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of one year and or a $3,000 fine.

Huber is scheduled to appear in court on February 15th. Her daycare license was revoked in early December.