Plans are underway to redevelop and build multi-family housing units on the east side of Eagle Lake.

The developer is requesting to annex land into the city to build four new duplexes on a blighted property located at 21570 598th Avenue.

“Great addition, I think it would fit that area good. Just good to see that area get redeveloped,” says City Administrator Jennifer Bromeland.

The town of nearly 3-thousand people continues to see rapid growth, which includes development. In 2017, City Officials say over 20 permits were taken out for single-family construction.

“We have developers often times coming to us, which is just a wonderful position to be in. My former city that I worked in in southwestern Minnesota, we really worked hard to try to recruit developers to develop in our community. So, this is a nice change to have developers wanting to take advantage of opportunities in our community.”

Mayor Tim Auringer says they have taken a hard look at how the community will develop.

“We always had talked about maintaining a small town atmosphere. I think that’s one of the things that residents would like to see. That has to be balance with growth to keep that small town feel, but yet allow for these developers to keep coming.”

The request from the developer is expected go before the City Council on Monday night. If approved, construction would start later this year.