Discussions on the 2019 North Mankato budget are already underway and it looks as if property values are increasing by 8-percent next year.

Finance Director Kevin McCann says they are looking at what that number will do to the city’s tax rate.  

“Some indications are that if we just kind of kept things the way they are, we could possibly lower the tax rate. Or else if we kind of maintain the tax rate with such a big increase, we’d have additional funding to possibly set aside for some of those capital projects that have been kind of sitting on the back burner.”

Those projects mainly revolve around North Mankato’s parks plan.

“There’s been a lot of things identified at Benson Park that have been kind of sitting idle for a long time. So if we can just set this money, I call it one-time expenses, there’s gonna be some minor upkeep for it, but if you say we’re gonna build a parking lot, we’re gonna finish the bathhouse, that type of stuff and really get it up the way it was envisioned.”

The 8-percent increase in the tax base is a combination of homes sales, new home construction, commercial construction and newly annexed property.