“He’s very lucky to be alive.”

The current Veterans Memorial bridge was built in 1985-86.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel said emergency services from across the area were called to Veterans Memorial Bridge early Monday morning, after a 60-year-old North Mankato man called 911, “And said that he was going to jump off the Vet’s Bridge.”

Schisel said, “He was standing on the north side of the bridge and when a squad car attempted to pull up, an officer was able to get out of his vehicle but at that point saw the individual leap into the river.”

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel.

It happened just after 5:30 Monday morning, and the U.S. Geological Survey data shows the water was 34 degrees; the air temperature was 17; and the discharge rate of the Minnesota River was at 12,800 cubic feet per second, nearly double the median.

No rescuers entered the water because, “He actually floated right into…a corner there that was a couple hundred yards down and the individual was able to walk from the river and come ashore,” Schisel explained.

He said the man was uninjured, and was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.