Someone put together a list of common names that mean something odd or embarrassing in other languages.  Here are a few favorites . . .

 If your friend has a baby and picks any of these names, now you can mess with them

1.  Bill.  It’s similar to the Dutch word for “buttocks.”

2.  Lisa.  It sounds a lot like the Greek word for “rabies.”

3.  Cal.  It sounds like the Russian word for “feces.”

4.  Todd.  The German word for “death” is “tod” with one “D”.

5.  Kiki.  It’s “crisis” in Japanese.  And it’s the word for a woman’s lady parts in Filipino.

6.  Mark.  It’s the Norwegian word for “worm.”

7.  Gary.  It sounds like the Japanese word for “diarrhea.”

8.  Siri.  In the country of Georgia, it means a guy’s junk.  And it’s similar to a word that means “butt” in Japanese.