Is there something you like to eat or drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Maybe something a little more traditional than a Shamrock Shake?

There’s a new rundown of each state’s favorite traditional Irish delicacy, including stuff like:  Soda bread . . . colcannon, which is a side dish of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale . . . Irish Stew, a casserole traditionally cooked with root veggies and lamb, mutton, or beef . . .

Irish coffee . . . Guinness Pie, which brings together the Irish staples of beef and Guinness beer . . . corned beef hash . . . and coddle, which is a leftovers dish that often features sausage, back bacon, chunky potatoes, onion, and herbs.

Most of these items were #1 in four to six states, so everything was fairly evenly spread out.  Soda bread was the most popular in the Northeast . . . apple cake is big in the South, along with shepherd’s pie.