Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato has broken several fall enrollment records for 2018 with 748 students signed up for classes, surpassing the previous record set in 2008.

The fall class includes a record number of transfer and first-year students at 225, along with 94 high school students now taking online courses through Bethany Lutheran College.

Director of Institutional Communication Lance Schwartz says the growth is exciting for the College. 

“We have the capacity to serve more students and we’ve been intentional in looking for new students that want an education in a Christian Liberal Arts setting. The feeling on campus is that we’re excited, thrilled and really looking forward to serving these new populations on campus.”

International enrollment also reached an all-time high, with 59 students from 19 countries on campus.

“We’ve increased our efforts in urban cores as well. So we have a strong contingent of students from inner city, especially Twin Cities and Milwaukee areas. The college has added a number of new programs over the past several years, specifically, nursing and engineering, have helped fuel the increases.”

Of the 748 students enrolled, 646 of those students are at full-time equivalency.