With fresh snow and a holding pattern of winter weather in Minnesota, a local Farm expert says the weather volatility this year could present some planting challenges.

“Now what can happen sometimes in these kind of situations is you get the abrupt weather change where the jet-stream changes and all of a sudden you from this type of pattern to an almost late spring pattern kind of over night. There’s not the gradual pattern that you see some years and things can change quite rapidly,” says Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse. “But obviously it’s gonna take a while. It isn’t gonna happen in a day or two where all of a sudden you can go out and plant corn, like we have in that past.”

The ideal window to plant corn in southern Minnesota is between April 20 and May 10.

“We’re not in to that stretch yet. If we look at last year, it got nice early, then we had about two to three weeks of kinda that cool, wet weather. It was really the first week of May before conditions got good. Actually some of the best corn yields last year was from corn that was planted the first week of May.”

Last year, 28 counties in southern Minnesota had corn yields that exceeded 200 bushels per acre, including Blue Earth County, which was above 205.