Farmers are hoping conditions are right this week to return to catch up on the delayed start to spring planting.

Crops Extension Educator Angie Peltier said heavy rain last week paused some progress, but modern equipment means no one is hitting the panic button yet.

“People are able to cover a lot of acres in a shorter period of time than they used to,” she explained, “So there’s that general itchiness that comes with the spring planting season, but I think people are not as worried as they used to be.”

She did add that farmers are starting conversations about worst-case scenarios, like, “When do we have to start worrying about prevent plant, also, what are we going to do, are we going to put in a cover crop? We need to start making plans just in case. Because they have just been getting hammered with rain.”

Peltier says Southern Minnesota farmers are facing the biggest delay with soggy soil still drying out after 4 inches or more of rain last week.

Some farmers in Northwestern Minnesota have their wheat and sugar beets in the ground, but soil temperatures still need to rise for corn and soybean producers to plant.