The Minnesota House has passed a bill that would no longer require police, firefighters, paramedics, and corrections officers prove what caused their PTSD. The bill shifts that burden of proof and it is now assumed that condition is associated with their job.

Mankato DFL Representative Jack Considine said there was some 11th-hour scrambling, though, to make sure that everyone that should be covered by the legislation is, because, “It did not include the security counselors at the Minnesota Security Hospital.”

Considine prepared an amendment to the bill to add the security hospital’s counselors, but in the end it wasn’t necessary because, “One of the lobbyists for the Teamsters agreed to go to the worker’s comp board on Saturday and present the case for the security counselors, and I am happy to report that the amendment was not necessary because they included the security counselors.”

North Mankato DFL State Senator Nick Frentz introduced a similar measure in his chamber, but it failed by a one-vote margin earlier this month.