Heavy rain caused flooding in parts of Lyon, Murray, and Redwood counties Tuesday morning.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Michele Margrath said Redwood County was hit the hardest and, “In the last 12 hours parts of Redwood County have received up to 8 inches of rainfall. Several roads across the county are flooded. And the redwood river has come up about six feet in the last eight hours.”

Margrath added, though, that the heavy rain is done for the day and, “In the next few hours the roads will remain with high water. But as we get into the afternoon we’re expecting them to drain. However, all of that water is expected to go into the Redwood River. So over the next few days, the Redwood River is expected to remain high.”

The water level on the Redwood is already up about 6 feet.

Flooding also was reported on roads in Brown, Renville, Nicollet and Yellow Medicine counties.

Flood warnings remain in place for the Minnesota River at Henderson and the Cottonwood River at New Ulm.