Flooding and up to 40-inches of rain are possible for areas in the main path of Hurricane Florence.

Kathi Neil is originally from Aitken, Minnesota and now lives in North Carolina and said, “The sun’s shining, the skies are clear. It’s hard to believe that there’s something like this coming because it doesn’t seem real yet.”

Kathi lives about 25 minutes from the Nags Head area where mandatory evacuations have been taking place. “Everyone’s preparing as well as possible and we all just hope and pray for the best that there’s not a lot of lives lost. And a lot of our property things can be replaced.”

For now, she and her husband are staying put. Florence is predicted to deliver tropical-storm-force winds by noon Thursday to North Carolina’s coast, and hurricane-force winds and dangerous storm surges by late Thursday or early Friday.

She said being, “From Minnesota, we didn’t really–you don’t experience hurricanes there, and just the prolonged, so many warnings and so many things changing and listening, which I try not to listen too much, because there’s a lot of conflicting stories.”

About a quarter of a million people are leaving North Carolina’s Outer Banks and heading inland, away from Hurricane Florence.