The rollout of the new license plate and tab registration system has created headaches for many around the state with the major problem in Blue Earth County being the issuance of vehicle titles.

Since the launch of the system last summer, things have slowly gotten better according to County Administrator Bob Meyer.

Blue Earth County Administrator, Bob Meyer.

“You know, we’re able to issue tabs pretty well. But, still a lot of people are out there and car dealerships are not happy because they can’t get titles on vehicles. People have really struggled with it. This wasn’t a system that the County built or adopted, it was a state system that we are required to utilize as a deputy register. It’s been fraught with problems, but it is improving.”

News surfaced last week that State Officials are requesting another 43-million dollars to fix the system that has experienced problems with the mainframe. That has resulted in the system costing nearly twice the original budget of 48-million dollars.

“These state systems are big, complicated and a challenge obviously. I’ve seen it in my career with the county. Unfortunately more than once, where the state has really struggled to roll-out those statewide systems.”

If the funding is approved by the legislature this session, the system issues could be corrected by this summer.