Friday the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department will hold it’s annual cookout fundraiser.

Fire Chief Jon Schabert said, “We do an annual pork chop feed and silent auction and try to raise some money. This year it’s for some new turnout gear for us.”

Schabert said the gear firefighters wear to protect themselves while they protect the community is in need of replacement and it, “Costs a little over $2,000 per firefighter and we have 30 firefighters so it gets to be a little expensive.”

That’s a total of $60,000, but Schabert said, “There’s a time limit on it and it’s about ten years for turnout gear. At that point, with all of the OSHA regulations and everything we have to replace it.”

Schabert said they will also need to buy nine self-contained breathing apparatus – the oxygen tanks and masks firefighters wear in a burning building – in 2019-20. They cost $2,500 each.

The pork chop feed is at the Cleveland Fire Hall from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Schabert said, “We do a free-will donation, and if there are families that can’t afford it they can still eat.”

The meal includes au gratin potatoes, coleslaw, a roll, and several beverage choices.