Those connected to Agriculture are the focus of a 30-day event that is aiming to continue promoting the industry as the 2nd Annual Gather in the GreenSeam starts on Thursday.

Visit Mankato Marketing and Communications Director Carrie Kijenski says there’s a lot more to Agriculture than people may think.

“When you think about the brewery and everything that goes into making the beer and there’s the wineries and the banks that provide the loans to the farmers, all of the local food that’s produced in the region and just how everything starts and comes to fruition.”  Gather in the GreenSeam

Growing the event to promote Agri-tourism has come with increased interest from the community, with 22 partners and the addition of the Blue Earth County Soybean and Corn Growers Association, which is presenting this year’s Gather in the GreenSeam.

“Bigger awareness to everyone, not even just in our local community, but outside our community. Bringing more visitors to our area. One of the things that we learned on the tourism side is you get people to come to your community, you showcase your community, and that could as an end result lead to bringing more business and people to stay.”

GreenSeam Director Sam Ziegler says 28-percent of the approximately 300-thousand workers in the Mankato Metro are directly connected to Agriculture.

“But not everybody necessarily sees that, because they could be working in professional service or they could be working in radio, whatever it might be. There’s a connection because your customers are Ag or your services are for Ag,” said Ziegler. “The agriculture community or farmer are like, hey this is great, we have something to be proud of and we’d love to show it. We just don’t know how. So, this whole component I think just brings this community closer together on what one of our strengths are and how people can celebrate it.”

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