What’s YOUR kid been up to so far this summer?  Whatever it is, this dude wins . . .

Feuzi Zabaat is 17 years old and lives in Istanbul, Turkey.  (We think his name is pronounced FYOO-zee Zah-BAHT.)

And he was walking down the street the other day when he saw a two-year-old girl playing near an OPEN WINDOW two floors up.

There were a bunch of other people around, including other kids.  And apparently no one else noticed.

But luckily he did.  So he walked up and stood under the window, just in case.  Then she fell . . . and he CAUGHT her.

She almost slipped through his arms, but he hung on.  And she wasn’t even hurt.

A security camera got it on video, and now it’s going viral.


(Note:  Every source says it was a “second-story” window.  But outside the U.S., that usually means third floor, because they call the first floor the “ground floor.”  Here’s the video.)

(And here’s a photo of Feuzi with the girl he saved.)