Natalie Neal is a grandmother who wanted to stay in touch with her five-year-old grandson Tyrion Spann, so she programmed the Alexa unit in Tyrion’s house so he could call whenever he wanted.

It was a great idea because it allowed Tyrion to call easily — and just say hello.

But, it ended up being a life-saving move — because Tyrion’s mom, Jasmine, suffered a serious epileptic seizure — and Tyrion was able to quickly call grandma for help.

When Natalie got the call from her grandson, she quickly figured out what had happened and immediately called 911.

Tyrion managed to stay calm and open the door for first responders, who were able to care for Jasmine.

The whole adventure certainly had a big impact on Tyrion, as he now wants to be a police officer or a firefighter when he grows up.


SOURCE: People