Earlier this year, Jessy Larios walked from Los Angeles to San Francisco — while wearing a teddy bear costume — raising money for charity all along the way, giving himself the name Bearsun.

Well, Jessy — or Bearsun — is now taking things to a whole new level by committing to walk from California to New York City.

He’s already past Tulsa, Oklahoma, having walked for more than 70 days.

He’s been sleeping in tents or hotel rooms along the way. And, he admits that the heat and humidity turn his suit into “a sauna.”

But that’s not stopping him.

Bearsun is still walking and is now on his way toward Missouri.

Along the way, he’s making friends and raising money for charity.

So if you see a giant teddy bear walking alongside the road out there, don’t worry. He’s not hurting anyone. Instead, he’s just walking along — harmless and helping others in need.