Governor Mark Dayton will unveil his plan early next week to improve security in Minnesota schools, following the Florida school shooting.

Dayton is talking about providing state funding for security upgrades, and said, “I see that as a starting point, again, if the budget forecast permits that, but that would be a top priority.”

Lawmakers get a new budget forecast Wednesday morning.

Dayton said he will also have other anti-gun-violence proposals early next week, including background checks for private sales and gun shows. He believes, “Anybody who’s standing in the way of good, common-sense measures to provide some greater protection and safety to our children and to our citizens on the street, need to explain themselves to the voters.”

Dayton added that he’s all in favor of banning assault weapons, but thinks it doesn’t have, “A ghost of a chance of passing.”

President Donald Trump has proposed putting trained armed teachers in classrooms, but Dayton is uncertain about that plan. “It’s his argument for having people in the school who have connections with the students and care and concern…I mean, that’s a valid point,” the governor said, “But does it outweigh other considerations? Again, I’m not taking a position on that question.”

Dayton will likely see stiff resistance from the Republican-controlled Minnesota Legislature on any gun control measures.