On this Friday the 13th, as Minnesotans continue to wonder about the mystery of the mummified monkey found in the old Dayton’s department store in downtown Minneapolis last week–Governor Dayton himself offers a theory.

He worked in the family store back in 1968 when there was a rain forest exhibit featuring monkeys and birds, “And somebody didn’t figure out that the monkeys were carnivores.”

“I won’t get into graphic detail,” Dayton, but, “They had a netting up to segregate and separate the birds from the monkeys and they said one monkey got out and ran into the air duct.”

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.

A new Twitter page with the handle @daytonsmonkey has more than 300 followers. It Tweeted to governor yesterday, saying, ” Still waiting for my call, Mark. We got some things to discuss!”

At least one Twitter user credited the animal’s recent discovery with breaking a curse that kept the Minnesota Timberwolves out of the NBA playoffs for 14 years.