Dust off those your rotary phones, your hot pink razor flip phones, or that see-through landline with the curly cord that you fought with your siblings for. Kesha is bringing back the 90s’! Thursday night, the vocal goddess tweeted out a short message inviting fans to call up a 1-800 number that would connect them to what she referred to as the “hellraisers phonebook.”

This was followed by a second tweet that telling her fans to call her and get blessed, which let’s be honest we all need a good blessing this time of year. Attached to this tweet was an image with the 1-800 number for not just the United States, but fourteen other countries as well!

After further research, conducted by yours truly, it was discovered that fans are brought to an automated message of Keshas voice with some church style music in the background. Is it possible that all of this is a hint at what is to come from her in the future?


Intern Miah