I guess so if you listen to this survey done by Marketwatch. According to a new survey, happy couples have these things in common:

  • a healthy sex life
  • an equal balance of economic power
  • have two kids
  • each earn at least $75,000 a year
  • have a college degree
  • have similar political beliefs

Now, I don’t make anywhere near that much money because I work in radio. BUT…I do believe all of these combined will lead to a life of happiness. Why? I should tell you I’m no licensed anything but I can give you examples from what I’ve learned about living:

  1. A healthy sex life: YES YES YES!!! This is so important! Don’t look at sex as an obligation. If you’re unhappy with your partner, communicate why. I promise sex will get better the more you talk about your feelings. To start, list all the awesome things your partner does for you and also, pick your battles. Don’t argue just to win or prove you’re right. Because nobody wins when fighting with your spouse. If you’re legit upset, tell them why or how they hurt you.
  2. An equal balance of economic power: Never push your weight onto your partner. It’s not a turn on. Men and women should be treated as equals. That means unload the dishwasher, make a meal, sweep out the garage, fold laundry together and leave submission in the bedroom as long as both partners are okay with it.
  3. Have 2 kids: Kids bring so much joy into life that isn’t felt until you become a parent. If you hate when people say that, you seriously won’t understand because I didn’t before I became a mom.
  4. Each earn at least $75K a year: I got nothing on this. I survive on less than and have achieved a bliss that I can’t explain. That being said, I do believe not living paycheck to paycheck would lessen anxiety and worry, which creates more happiness.
  5. Have similar political beliefs: Do you really want to argue with your S/O over values? That’s why I suggest waiting until you grow into the person you truly want to be before settling down. Your views on things may change over the years but stay true to who you are and find someone who appreciates the your beliefs as well.


– Cari