Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana!
TV Show: All time – LOST. But current – Stranger Things
Movies: Breaking Away
Apps: Snapchat
Books: Road to Valor

1. Big fan of basketball, Pacers, Hoosiers, and now the Timberwolves!
2. I’ve never had a nose bleed
3. I have a Coton puppy named Polly
4. I think pirates are really cool except for the assault part
5. I prefer pie over cake
6. I am a huge fan of cross–country and track & field
7. I’m embarrassed to say that I do like Pumpkin Spiced beer
8. Always down to go to a chili cookoff tailgate
9. I NEVER wear sweatpants. Don’t @ me
10. Pizza is the most versatile food

Addictions: probably on my phone too much
Most Prized Possession: my freedom!
Dream Vacation: I would love to go to Paris! Or maybe a tropical beach resort
Fave Drinks: Water (I know it’s boring)
Fave Clothing Store: Stitch Fix
Fave Music: Anything by Sheryl Crow
Typical Breakfast: Carbs! Bagel, English muffin, biscuits
Guilty Pleasures: Bachelor in Paradise
In My Wallet: Nothing…
Pet Peeves: Farts