About time!

2 seasons of iCarly was recently added to Netflix. The hit Nickelodeon show starred Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor.

Check out some behind the scene facts, that you maybe didn’t know about the series iCarly:

  1. After spending some time on the show Drake and Josh, Nickelodeon wanted to give Miranda Cosgrove her own show. Creator of Nickelodeon, Dan Schneider wrote in his blog “My original idea was that she play a ‘normal’ girl who, in a twist of fate, gets cast to star in her favorite TV show. I even wrote the script. I called it Starstruck. The pilot I wrote (and turned in to Nickelodeon) was about Carly, a regular girl who gets cast to star in her favorite TV show.”
  2. Although Schneider loved the idea of Starstuck, his own wife and some close family friends didn’t think the plot was a good idea. He then came up with the idea that Cosgrove could have her own show called iCarly. “I decided that it would be MUCH COOLER for Carly to create HER OWN show,” he said, “A show she could run herself, her own way, and do whatever she wanted to do — A WEB SHOW,” Schneider added.
  3. Carly wasn’t the first name that came to mind for Schneider, the first name he thought of to play the leading role was Sam.
  4. Schneider then found the existing IRL “iSam.com” and had to come up with something else.
  5. Carly’s bestfriend Sam was written about Jennette McCurdy, after she guest starred in Zoey 101. Schneider stated, “I loved her and thought she was a major talent. So when I was creating Carly’s best friend Sam, I knew that Jennette would LIKELY play that role.”
  6. Nathan Kress almost quit the show, he felt like he wasn’t doing enough in the industry.
  7. The most watched episode of the iCarly series was “iSaved Your Life.” This episode had 11.2 million views.
  8. Miranda Cosgrove was listed as the highest paid child actress in 2012.
  9. After Jerry Trainor’s character “Spencer” made spaghetti tacos in one episode, the recipe became very popular and people actually started to make it.
  10. iCarly had multiple guest stars such as, Michelle Obama, One Direction, Emma Stone, and Jimmy Fallon.